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About Citron Solutions:

Citron Solutions is the knowledge-base platform of Citron Scientific.

We are committed to capture and share the knowledge of great and eminent scientists and chemists toiling day and night in their labs in order to make our life easier and healthier. We’ll capture product details, articles on various streams of chemistry and life sciences.

Citron Solutions is also a platform for you to share your piece of immense intellect with the scientific fraternity. We are extremely flexible in accepting the quality content on relevant topics. Needless to say, we’ll provide the due credit to author in the footnote of the article.

Contact us on info@citronscientific.com for further details and for submission of articles.

About Citron Scientific:

Citron scientific is the new age Lab & Process solutions provider for Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, F&B, Electronics, and a host of other industries.

Managed by Industry Professionals, with more than a century of cumulative experience in Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing Management.

Citron Scientific is aptly poised to be the Leading Scientific Sales & Distribution company in India.

When you choose Citron Scientific as your partner for scientific Supplies, you get to engage with a firm with expertise in:

  • Sourcing of Scientific products required across the value chain, right from R&D to Scale up.
  • Inventory Management, by Just in time supply solutions.
  • Reduced inventory, while improving product availability.
  • Supply chain Security – we conduct thorough due diligence while sourcing. We have teamed up with world’s top notch manufacturers to bring you world class products at a price which is right and delivered at the place and time you require.
  • Safety in every aspect, right from storage to shipment and delivery.
  • Driving costs down and ensuring a sustainable business.

Connect with Citron Scientific, to learn more on how we can partner with you!

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