Ion Pair Reagents from Carlo Erba

Ion Pair Chromatography was developed to allow the separation of complex mixtures of polar and ionic molecules, which often are not well separated by ion exchange chromatography. The selectivity is determined by the mobile phase: the organic eluent is supplemented with a specific ion-pairing reagent.

The IPC reagents are large ionic molecules having a charge opposite to the targeted analyte, as well as a hydrophobic region to interact with the stationary phase. The counter-ion combines with the ions of the eluent, becoming ion pairs in the stationary phase. Ion pairs are then separated on Reverse-phase HPLC columns.

Benefits of CARLO ERBA ion-pair reagents

The purity of the mobile phase and therefore the accuracy of the results depend on the quality of the additive.

The specifications of our ion pair reagents are in line with the requirements of Reverse-phase HPLC:

  1. High purity ≥ 99%
  2. Minimum UV absorption in the far UV
  3. Controlled pH
  4. Loss on drying

CARLO ERBA Reagents selected ion pair reagents (straight-chain alkyl sulfonic acids ) most commonly used for your basic samples.

Ion Pair Reagents

Ion Pair Reagents from Carlo Erba

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